The foundation of our work

We like change and we like to go down new paths. We also believe that in introducing change programs it is important to take the organization´s history and it´s people and culture into account and to assist in the transformation process. For authentic.consult people (and the environment) matter most.

„Running means freedom! For at least 45 minutes a day you are alone and undisturbed“

In dealing with client organizations we base the relationship on four principles:

authentic-consult is family-owned and will stay that way.

Our consulting is based on metrics and the experience to act upon them.

We only consult in fields where we have proven our competence.

Non-disclosure: Nothing learned during the client engagement leaves the client premises.

Would you like to learn more?

We would love to discuss your organizational, customer or sustainability challenges and how we can be of assistance to you. Contact us at any time!