Interim Management / IXO Platform

Interim Management / IXO Platform

Authentic.Consult offers Interim Management/Business Support Services with our “IXO” Platform. With “IXO”, we offer proven executives who can manage a period of transition or rapid change within an organization. Our “IXO” Service offers a number of advantages to companies needing strong and experienced leadership for a defined period of time:

  • minimize risk, maximize outcomes;
  • dependability;
  • deep organizational insight, fast onboarding in existing business

  • agreed fixed cost structures;
  • zero exit cost.

Furthermore, in addition to current consultants already on board within Authentic.Consult, we have added to our capabilities executives who have strong leadership capabilities with conceptual and analytical skills to abstract key data from complex business scenarios and can formulate plans of action in addition to expertise in and experience as well as proven track records of:

  • Multinational/Multidivisional General Management;
  • Business Plan and Financial Analysis;
  • Organizational Analysis and development/restructuring/turnaround/cultural
  • Executive/Management team assessment, re-organization, recruitment and
  • Change Management;
  • Agile Management;
  • Implementation of Design-Thinking methods;
  • Product/Market Analysis and Roadmap Planning;
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Management;
  • Program & Project Management

We at Authentic.Consult are committed to providing our clients only the best of IXO support to ensure that your business ambitions continue to run smoothly or improve during the limited period of our involvement.