Change 4.0

Change 4.0
– When Transformation meets Agility

Much is known about Change Management processes. But what do you do in times when speed in change is of absolute essence and market conditions no longer allow for the luxury of a thorough and well-balanced change management process? When you have to undertake a massive overhaul of your company in order to more quickly meet customer and market demands? Then you are faced with a situation in which you need to take a radical approach to change – welcome to Change Management 4.0, change that meets the requirements of the digital age!

This kind of change is not a long, drawn-out balanced process between change speed and organizational buy-in, but rather it is an unbalanced approach that requires very fast response to challenges posed by customer and market requirements with more or less organizational participation. For movement toward change, think of Change Management 4.0 as something like incremental change taken step-by-step through a lot of trial and error measures within the company!

Customer and Market demand in a globalized world is ever-changing. Challenges posed by digital transformation, the speed in which information is exchanged, global unrest, trade issues such as protectionism and tariffs as well as a number of brick and mortar issues that companies still face on a daily basis, make it necessary to take a more agile approach to Change Management. What is needed when facing these challenges?

Number One: Change must be seen within an organization as something permanent. Change does not stop, it is not but one transformational process that takes the company from A to B. But it is a series of transformations, sometimes compartmental, that are taken in a step-by-step manner.

Number Two: Change 4.0 still involves “old school” necessities. You still have to communicate everything, but at a must faster pace involving tools and channels that employees use: company-internal social media platforms, company newsletters, whiteboards, war rooms etc.

Number Three: Employees and Customers still matter! Even in the fast-paced transformational world of Change 4.0, positive leadership, employee and customer/market engagement are of the utmost of importance. You still need to engage with all of your stakeholders, no matter how breathtakingly fast you implement permanent change as a part of your company culture.

Number Four: No need to do this on your own! Why would you entrust the implementation of Change 4.0 to the same parts of your organization (HR, general management) that for years past “forgot” to change with changing customer and market requirements in the first place? Getting outside “neutral” help to drive the internal processes might be the better approach.

Number Five: as with all other change processes, change starts at the top. And Change 4.0 needs to be led, lived, communicated, followed-through and driven as well as measured from the top down. No excuses!
Many of the tools and processes used for decades in change management still apply, even when shortened into incremental and much faster change cycles. But they are compressed to meet the need for fast change in the digital age! The complexities remain, but through Change 4.0 barriers and/or resistance to change can be broken more effectively.

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